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Audio Hoļas - servis a poradenstvķ v oboru audiotechniky
Service and consulting of all audiovisual equipment.
Reparation, reconstruction and development of speaker systems.
Fittings of home and professional sound systems.
Studio Audio Hoļas

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Presentation of Audio Hoļas

Studio Audio Hoļas is the baffle loudspeaker manufacturer inclusive of high end products as well as acoustical studio with long time experience resulting from owning musical hobby studio for many years, now functioning on professional level. Primary subject of activities is all kind of production of professional and home baffle loudspeakers, theirs upgrades (tuning) and all kinds of repairs and modifications. Studio Hoļas can resolve situation, when commercial sound systems becomes inadequate under customers requirements and needs to be upgraded. Studio Hoļas offers repairs, reconstruction and consulting including assistance with choice not only baffle loudspeakers but also all others audio-video components which are involved.

Code of the studio Hoļas are: That every sound system has rational solution and every sound system can be upgraded.

Every baffle loudspeaker has its own specifics and unmistakable sound. It is for that reason that baffle loudspeakers contain loudspeakers and every loudspeaker has individual property. When we install unique loudspeaker system in baffle, theirs properties will change. At first glance moving-coil loudspeakers look like simple device: metal basket, cone, coil, spider, surround and terminal board. But this might be deceiving. Precise specification of every function of loudspeaker would very require resulting description taking hundreds of pages. Loudspeaker coil and cone must move with perfect accuracy, it must reproduce electrical signals in high range frequency and output. Cone suspensions must muffle moving membrane sufficiently, because supply power must reproduce absolutely accuracy. Loudspeaker must have constant properties over the long term. In the mathematical point of view all functions are not linear and equations describing these functions would include sixteen variables and every electrical function is complex variable. Appropriate computing program is able to master and solve this issue flawlessly. Problem is, of course, whether manufacturer publishes correct input data and if one can operate with those data properly.

Loudspeaker Videoton

Loudspeaker looks like the simplest thing but on technical standpoint it is enormously interesting device with the most complicated properties. Technical parameters of loudspeaker determinate requirements on others parts primarily frequency crossover. Frequency crossover can make wonders with sound in loudspeakers system; enables primarily delineate input frequency for individual speakers. Frequency crossovers quantity, which is correctly solved wirings are theoretically endless and this leads to various connection of wires and it is possible to choose which one gives best sound. Nevertheless there are many feasibility restrictions which we must take into account when designing baffle loudspeakers. Commercially available capacitors have only unchanging values as well as the coil forming these parameters are given by count of loop turns in addition to others. But wind up of coils is complicated. During design and development it is necessary to take into account rather big quantity of complicated rules which should not be ignored.

Problems which have to be solved are countless: how to design crossover fervency, what type of crossover fervency wire or what will be the look to of and what volume will be needs. Sometimes it takes many hours to simulate, calculate and test raw design concept and start testing sound on future speaker system.

Very rarely happens that everything functions optimally at first try. But advantage is that we can experiment. Quantity of right solutions is endless. On the other hand it requires time and experience. Uncertainty always exists especially when we know that we are approaching technological edge. These experimental moves pay off, because it is possible to make even from mediocre components a very high end sound system. Speaker system production often needs to compromise among rather contradictory requirements. At first, we take in consideration what we would be expecting from the audio systems. By formulating this expectation is might already be rather complicated.

We offer costumers the following steps which will make these problems easy, every customer will by able to correct define his/her requirements in order to reach the proper decision.

  • Functional speaker systems characterization
  • Requirements which we expect from the speaker system
  • Presentation of tested wiring to the customers
  • Sale of reconstructed baffle loudspeakers to the customers
  • Immaculate perfect assembly and tuning individual parts result from long-standing experience, sometimes theories far away from reality.

What one can expect from acoustic equipments

  • Properties of room/space to be equipped the sound system
  • Size of the room/space
  • Acoustic separation from surrounding rooms
  • Lay out of rooms in the building and their acoustic muffled properties
  • Demanded or possible size of baffle loudspeaker and their number
  • Kind of acoustic source (input and type of low frequency amplifier and number of channels
  • Manner and way how we usually listen (if we want to sit in an acoustic triangle or pentagon or if we want to hear unallocated sound in the whole space)
  • Kind of music which you prefer
  • Method of equalization. – preferring hefty bass, middle frequency sharp or brilliant high frequency. (There is not in contradiction with accurate hearing, space influence listening much more significantly)
  • Naturally there is possibility to made analogous condition like concert of rock band at home. But probably this sound is not expected by any customers and nobody make an investment on this, I am afraid.

Inappropriate solution we can consider installation of too large subwoofers (above ten inches) with powerful amplifier (higher then 60W) in apartment buildings. Already on silent listening only every neighbor can hear rhythmical drum of rock and roll music...

We are confident that your listening experience to an acoustic equipment
produce/manufactured by us give you many years of satisfaction.
With reasonable price.

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